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Englewood Grass Farm

Race Information

Enjoy this incredible course located in Fall River Wisconsin

The Englewood Open is a category 1 XCO and category 3 XCC UCI event that will be held May 17 and 18, 2024 in Fall River WI. WORS series racing will be on May 19, 2024 and is a USAC points only event. Online registration can be found at, and we encourage racers to register online before midnight, May 17. On-site registration will be an additional fee (tbd) and racers will not be eligible for call-ups. We recommend racers bring cash or check as credit card payment may be difficult with our remote location. On-site registration closes 1/2 hour before each event.

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Course Description

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The 4.9 mile course at Englewood Grass Farm has been designed and constructed over the past 12 years specifically for cross county racing. It takes full advantage of the natural features of the property. Features include punchy climbs and technical rock gardens, with plenty of berms and jumps to keep racers on their toes while battling for position. Special attention has been given to create plenty of passing opportunities throughout the course, which allows safe and fair racing for all participants.

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Event Schedule

Friday, May 17 Short Track

8:00 AM Registration / Check-In
Course open for pre-ride XCC & XCO (caution in short track area, course workers will be setting up the short track course)
11:00 AM Official Training
XCC only (sections of the XCO course is open other than XCC)
1:00 PM 15-16 Women
1:30 PM 15-16 Men
XCC National Championship Qualifier Race
2:00 PM 17-18 Women
2:30 PM 17-18 Men
XCC National Championship Qualifier Race
3:00 PM UCI Women (UCI Cat 3 classification)
3:30 PM UCI Men (UCI Cat 3 classification)
4:00 PM Non-UCI Open 19+ Women
4:30 PM Non-UCI Open 19+ Men
5:00 PM Junior Women (7-14)
5:30 PM Junior Men (7-14)
6:00 PM Open Practice
Ends at 7:30 PM
6:30 PM Rider/Team Manager's Meeting
* Staging for all races will begin 15min before start times.

About the Venue

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The Englewood Open takes place on an active, family owned private farm. To learn more about Englewood Grass Farm, visit


We are asking everyone to follow a few simple rules to make sure we can keep this party going for years to come.

  • Do not touch the fences, they will shock you.
  • No Pets Allowed. Because we are concerned for the saftey of all our guests and our livestock, we respectfully ask that you leave your pets at home. Also please leave the cows alone and do not open any gates.
  • No glass bottles. Broken glass is very dangerous to cattle and very hard to clean up.
  • Please keep our farm clean and use the trash bins we will have placed everywhere throughout the venue. We also ask that you leave your race flyers at home.
  • Please do not throw used gel packs on the course. Cattle like sugar and electrolytes too, and plastic wrappers can block their digestive tract. This has been an ongoing problem, and if racers are observed intentionally littering, a 5 min penalty will be added to their time. This penalty will be lifted after the offending racer has performed 30 minutes of course cleanup after their race.

Onsite Concessions

Available for purchase throughout the weekend featuring Englewood grass-fed beef burgers, snacks, and drinks. Cash is preferred as it helps us to keep prices lower and serve you faster.


Tourism Guide


Madison has many options for lodging as well, but it is recommended to look for lodging on the north and east side, as drive times can be unpredictable around the city. There are many AirBnB options nearby as well.

Food & Drink


Rough camping is available on-site, with portable toilets provided. Tent camping is $20 per car and campers/trailers for $25 ($10 for additional vehicles). Camp fires are NOT premitted, tiki torches are permitted. Also, no pets or glass bottles allowed.

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Thank you to all of our sponsors who allow us to put on this incredible event each year.

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